November 2015 - We have updated Calcul:8 to now also calculate expected levels of progress in Maths and English. The new Calcul:8 2.1 also fixes a couple of bugs. . You can download it from here, and the download now downloads and installs the Microsoft .net framework if required.

October 2015 - We have updated the latest expected Attainment 8 scores based on KS2 in line with the 2015 data recently released by the Department for Education.

August 2015 - BIG NEWS - We have released version 2 of Calcul:8. This re-write of the software using recent Microsoft .net technology allows us to significantly improve the look and feel of the software, as well as incorporating a couple of new features, like graphs. It's also allowed us to prepare for a couple more enhancements over the coming months. We've also launched our blog which will explain different facets of Progress 8 and Calcul:8.

June 2015 - Thanks to a school who has pointed out that, in our eagerness to help with existing GCSE measures as well, we were incorrectly treating English Literature as counting for the 5 A* to C including English and Maths measure. This changed in version 1.5.7.

June 2015 - Thanks to a helpful prospective customer (you know who you are!), we've now corrected an issue for unregistered users with the Cohort Summary screen - so Calcul:8 1.5.5 was made available.

May 2015 - Following a suggestion from Winterton Community Academy (take a bow, guys), we've added in the ability to show calculations grouped into buckets (for registered users only), and Calcul:8 should now always flush the relevant internet cache before downloading a file. Calcul:8 1.5.4 was made available.

May 2015 - We're featured on page 55 of this month's Teach Secondary magazine. Why not get a copy, have a read and find out what the press wanted to know about Calcul:8?

April 2015 - Following the DfE's announcement on Progress 8 calculations near the end of February, we've amended Calcul:8 to take account of the new rules. Calcul:8 1.5.1 was made available

March 2015 - We've done a few bug fixes and enhancements, such as being able to use 3a or 3A for KS2 sublevels, and are now on Calcul:8 1.4.8

February 2015 - We've released a quick introductory video showing how Calcul:8 works - Click Here

January 2015 - Following some feedback from the BETT Show, Calcul:8 1.4.4, was made available here, which added support for fine grading that uses letters instead of numbers, and allows you to highlight rows where pupils would be affected by grade changes.

January 2015 - Calcul:8 1.4.2, was made available, which added support for new SEN categories, copes with Absent or N/A indicators for results and smartens up a couple of other areas.

January 2015 - Calcul:8 1.4.1, was made available, ready for the New Year. This allowed Calcul:8 to use qualifications that are not BTECs or GCSEs.

October 2014 - We've signed up to exhibit Calcul:8 at the BETTshow in January. We'll also be showing our reconciliation software and ParentEve, a parents' evening scheduling program written by Millerchip Software. Come and see us on stand G470 - we should be next to the cafe.

September 2014 - Calcul:8 1.3.1 was made available with a bug fix around sorting exams

July 2014 - Calcul:8 1.3 was made available with some more enhancements like sorting data

June 2014 - Another week, another upgrade. 1.2, was made available

June 2014 - The first upgrade of Calcul:8, to 1.1, was made available

June 2014 - why not follow us on our new Twitter account, @Calcul_8?

June 2014 - the initial release of Calcul:8 was made available.


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